The Foundation for Rabbit Free Australia Inc. (RFA) manages a fund to support research, raise awareness and encourage on-ground action to eradicate feral rabbits from Australia. It is Australia’s only publicly-subscribed fund to focus its activities on wild European rabbits and their impacts on the environment and primary production. The Foundation is a registered not-for-profit charity and has Deductible Gift Recipient status - donations over $20 are tax-deductible.

The aims of RFA are to:

  • Support research, development and extension, including projects, researchers and research organisations, contributing to the eradication of rabbits in Australia.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the nature and extent of degradation caused by rabbits, the continuing threat they pose to Australia’s economic, environmental and social values, and the need for research into integrated control measures.
  • Encourage other measures which will contribute to the eradication of rabbits, such as integrated control programs applying current knowledge on the ground.

RFA is based in South Australia but concerns itself with the continuing threat of rabbits nationally.

Download the Rules of Association for RFA.

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The Easter Bilby champions the cause of Rabbit-Free Australia – fighting back against rabbits and reclaiming a place in the Australian environment. RFA is the registered holder of the trademark ‘Easter Bilby’, and is pleased to work with chocolate manufacturers and story-tellers using Easter Bilby to promote the rabbit control cause and a theme of ‘bilbies not bunnies’.