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Who rules the burrow?

Social hierarchies in rabbits are not so unlike what you would find in a period drama. These social machinations are an ingenious way to give the next generation a genetic advantage. The fittest animals become dominant and produce by far the most offspring, while the risks of inbreeding are neatly sidestepped by having the boys leave home while the girls mostly stay....
By Amy Iannella | May 13, 2022 | About Rabbits

Dingoes, rabbits & diseases

Dingoes have been promoted as a means to suppress rabbits, but history tells a different story. It seems dingoes and diseases like RHDV can hold rabbit numbers in some circumstances, but dingoes alone cannot suppress rabbits well enough to prevent continuing ecological damage....
By Peter Day | September 22, 2021 | About Rabbits, Articles & Documentaries

Insights about Covid-19 from rabbit bio-control

When RHDV first appeared in Australia it spread poorly amongst young rabbits with little affect on them. However a later variant, RHDV2 is recognised as spreading amongst young rabbits. When Covid-19 initially spread, it rarely affected children. Could it follow the same path as RHDV?...
By admin | February 28, 2021 | Articles & Documentaries, Research

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    • Now we just have to hope that, like many viruses, it also gets less deadly over time. RHDV has stayed generally very deadly because it now spreads substantially by flies visiting carcasses, but since we humans take care of our dead Covid has no such incentive. In time hopefully it will indeed be ‘just another cold’

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